Corporate Profile

LMY R&D in a nutshell

LMY R&D Ltd. is a knowledge-based company, providing scientific and technological solutions in the fields of photogrammetry, image processing, computer vision, mapping, navigation and spatial information technologies.

We are able to dramatically reduce the development uncertainty and risks associated with the development of systems and sensors which require accurate geo-positioning and pinpointing from images, GPS etc. througth our expertise in photogrammetry, computer vision, image processing and geodesy. Our customers benefit from unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience in this specialized field, allowing them to reach significantly more elegant, completed and rapid solutions for all aspects of their projects related to these fields. LMY provides solutions that are not only theoretically sound, but are also proven with realistic, complete and comprehensive data sets that realistically reflect live situations.


LMY's core expertise includes the following scientific disciplines:

  • Photogrammetry: Accurate measurements from photographs and images
  • Applied Mathematics: Modeling, optimization, estimation theory, and numerical analysis
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • Signal Processing: Specialization in GPS and IMU
  • Geodesy: World coordinate systems and transformations


LMY provides innovative solutions for our customers in the following fields:

  • Optical geo-positioning (i.e. 3-D target location) from a variety of cameras and sensors.
  • Location and orientation of a platform from a variety of sensors including images, video, GPS, INS, and RF (cellular).
  • 3-D modeling (both indoors and outdoors).
  • Digital mapping and Automated Mapping (AM).
  • Management of mapping projects, with a focus on photogrammetric projects.
  • Building accurate geographic databases for mapping (GIS) and geo-specific databases for simulators.
  • Development and assimilation of standards for modeling and transfer of geographic information and meta-data (geo-spatial information, imagery, sensors etc.).
  • Automatic quality control for geo-spatial databases.
  • Development of sensors: Cameras (airborne, spaceborne and  terrestrial) and integrated systems combining several sensor types (e.g. GPS, IMU etc.).
  • Conflation of data from various sources and sensors.
  • Automatic photo-reconnaissance and extraction of 2D and 3D data from Electro-Optical (EO) images, video, radar (SAR / interferometry) and LIDAR.

Our Experts

LMY's team consists of leading experts, bringing over 150 years of accumulated relevant professional experience in all aspects of our core fields including:

  • Algorithm development
  • Software development from modules to turnkey systems and products, on a variety of platforms including:
    • PC Windows
    • Professional mapping platforms (ArcGIS, SocetSet / GXP etc.)
    • Cellular phones – Android
  • System Analysis
  • Project Management: Managing national-level mapping projects, for building accurate 2D and 3D mapping databases and geo-specific simulator databases.
  • System engineering
  • Development and adoption of technological standards
  • Technological and scientific consulting
  • Advanced professional services

Our employees combine a comprehensive understanding of our customer's business needs, with a profound professional knowledge of the relevant technological infrastructure and the state-of-the art in academic and scientific research in our core fields of expertise. This combination enables us to provide our customers and business partners with relevant and applicable solutions, customized for their needs.

LMY is privately owned, and located in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

LMY R&D maintains high quality standards, and is ISO 9000 certified.