Professional Services

LMY's team is made up of leading experts in LMY's core areas of expertise, combining sound academic background and diverse professional experience. Because our experts cover the complete range of technological issues in this field, we are able to reach synergistic solutions that combine various aspects of photogrammetry, image processing, computer vision, geodesy and location-based technologies. No single expert is able to know all aspects of this field, thus we have carefully selected our team to cover all of the relevant angles, giving our customers access to a much more holistic, complete, and elegant solution than any one expert could achieve.

The scope of expertise on our team creates a synergy that allows us to take on even the most complex technological challenges. Our experience together allows each of our team members to know exactly when it is beneficial to have the involvement of other team members for approaching a particular aspect of development.


Our team's professional disciplines include:

  • Algorithm development
  • Research, both academic and applied
  • Professional consulting
  • Applied feasibility studies
  • Software project management at all scales
  • Management of large-scale mapping projects
  • Systems engineering

LMY provides a team you can trust. Our core team has been working together for over a decade, with some of our employees going back as far as 20 years. Not only is each individual a recognized expert in their field, they are experts at working together, creating a synergy on a multitude of projects and meeting technological challenges together. 

LMY offers a full range of professional services.

  • Consulting
  • Research projects and feasibility studies
  • Algorithm development and implementation (in Matlab or C++)
  • Rapid prototype development
  • Development of software solutions in Windows and Android environment, at various integration levels:
  1. oSoftware libraries
  2. oPlugins for leading mapping software systems (ArcGIS, SDE, SocetSet/GXP etc.)
  3. oTurnkey systems and products
  • Development and adoption of technological standards

In addition to our expertise in the algorithm research and software development, LMY has advanced capabilities in data capture and accurate measurements. Though our professional expertise and long-term collaborations with the leading photogrammetric and surveying firms in Israel, LMY can measure its solutions against data that best represents real-life scenarios. Our customers benefit from solutions that are not only theoretically sound, but also have proven themselves with realistic, complete and comprehensive data sets..  We can conduct performance analysis of algorithms, systems and workflows in a wide variety of scenarios, thus identifying optimal zones and weak points (both in the algorithm and its implementation) and providing solutions for them in early stages of the development process.