AugmentiGuide Heritage AR mobile app

Client: The City Of David / Jerusalem

Project: AR mobile app for the Travel industry, employed by Heritage, archaeological and historical sites. The above animation reconstructs the House Of Yehiel (from around 650 BC ) at the City of David in Jerusalem on top of live video feed of its remaining structure

Technologies: Win-10/Android, Open-CV, Unity, LMY Photosphere

AugmentiGuide Panorama AR mobile app

Client: Tower of David / Jerusalem

Project: AR mobile app for the Travel industry, employed by panorama sites, observation decks and museums. It is a multimedia platform that provides rich, tailored content on top of visitors’ view, including intractable objects accompanied by video, audio and written information on the observed sites in real-time.

Navigation & Targeting in GPS denied settings

Client: DDR&D – Magic-Box Competition

Project: Real-Time targeting from a drone video feed in GPS denied Environment. The major challenge, aside from image tracking, has been to separate between man-made objects (DSM) & ground-level pixels and then to match against corresponding pixels in the orthophoto.

Technology: LMY-Photosphere

Visual Guidance mobile app

Client: IAF – Israeli Air force

Product: Visual Guidance mobile app for Target/POI identification & recognition for Apache helicopter navigators. Targets to be identified are displayed on selected PS images such that the viewing parameters of these images match the vantage direction of the approaching platform.

Technology: Win10/Android, Node JS, Leaflet, Angular 4, Open-CV, LMY-Photosphere

Soccer skills measurement mobile app

Client: Playform LTD

Project: IOS/Android native mobile app for real-time feedback of soccer players’ skills using their smartphones. LMY has designed and developed for Playform three measurement drills – High Jump, Power Kick and Kick Accuracy as shown in the clip.

Technologies: IOS/Android, Open-CV, LMY Photosphere, Fritz AI